What We Do

We find and place the people that deliver commercially successful businesses for our clients

We represent Australia’s best Private Equity, Large Privately held and innovative ASX companies along with outstanding executive talent. Together we deliver exceptional results

What we do:

We find and place the people that deliver commercially successful businesses for our clients.

We are headhunters and heart hunters; matchmakers and deal makers; trusted advisors and confidantes.  We represent some of Australia’s very best Private Equity and privately held companies placing C level executives into portfolio companies. 

Having specialised in the transformation and turnaround space since 1997 we know what exceptional looks like, how to find it and how to bring great talent together. 

We believe wisdom and courage shared with our candidates and clients can bring about exceptional outcomes for all parties.

With the right management team on the journey and at exit, the sale price for PE firms can multiply significantly. This space is not for the faint of heart. For privately held, a solid business delivering growth and sustainable yield is critical. 

We get it.

We are fortunate to have deep, trusting relationships with our clients and candidates earned over many years. 


We search for C level executives to lead Australian businesses requiring turnaround or transformation and growth.
We delve deeply into defining every assignment – what success looks like commercially, financially, functionally and culturally. 
In our experience great leaders have a head for business and a heart for people supported by deep capability in their chosen field proven over a number of years. 
Our sweet spot is businesses that have a minimum revenue of approximately $200Million, are Australian based and are either Private Equity or Privately owned.  We do work with innovative ASX companies and leaders but that is the exception rather than the norm.
We have proven success across most markets in Australia including manufacturing, industrial, agriculture, engineering, mining and resources, health, FMCG to name a few.Our experience includes placing multiple executives into roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief People Officer and a number of related roles.

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We connect deeply with those we represent as it is only from a basis of trust that truly outstanding outcomes are possible.
Our principal, Deanne Tindale, trained as a Gestalt Therapist and it is from this place of deep curiosity about people that we focus on understanding the drivers behind those we represent.  Whether it is our clients or our candidates we seek to understand not only what is important but why it is important.  We use ourselves as a tuning fork.  If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. 
Over the years, however, we have learned to question our unconscious bias and that of those we represent.  Wisdom demands we validate and verify our “truths”.  We therefore engage in qualitative and quantitative assessments of all candidates – psychometric testing, extensive reference checking, board presentations – and provide ongoing consultation and coaching to ensure those we represent not only succeed but deliver outstanding outcomes.

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We provide coaching and support for 12 months for all candidates we place to ensure they deliver exceptional outcomes for their employers and themselves.
Executive leadership can be incredibly exciting, challenging, stimulating and at times, lonely.  We provide an ongoing coaching and support program for our C level executives to ensure they obtain their professional and personal goals in the first year of their employment and set up future success.
We ensure our candidates focus on achieving commercial success as a priority, however, we also encourage success in fields of health, relationships, intellectual fulfillment and quality of life. 
In our experience, great leaders are successful in many facets of their lives and appreciate being reminded and encouraged to extend beyond their current limits. 
We support our candidates through the peaks and troughs of their career and their life outside of work when we are invited to.

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