About Deanne

Deanne Tindale is the Founder of DreamVast

The short story is this:

  • Recruitment industry Executive leadership experience across Australia, NZ, Asia and USA since 1997
  • Executive Search specialisation in transformation and turnaround since 2002
  • Private Equity experience since 2012
  • 98% success rate over 24 years of recruitment experience
  • Qualified Gestalt therapist who facilitates deep dives into client/candidate psyche to determine fit
  • Graduate of AICD Company Directors Course
  • Current member of Turnaround Management Association
  • Deep connections across Australian business community earned over 30+ years in industry
  • Operates nationally and internationally

The longer story is I care deeply and am curious about people; always have been, always will.

As a little kid growing up in Perth, my Mum says I was always bringing random people home and asking if they could stay. Usually, Mum would feed us milk and chocolate cake and I would ask strange questions like, “Why do you like shampoo?” or “When you grow up where are you going to fly?” – apparently no airplane was required!

After completing University, I moved to Melbourne and worked in Melbourne and Sydney in the computing industry before taking up a GM role with one of the world’s largest Human Resource providers. I had responsibility across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and in 1999 relocated to the USA to continue my career.

In 2002 I came back to Australia and focused on the nascent Transformation Recruitment space targeting operational leaders with Six Sigma, Lean then Agile backgrounds. In 2005 I founded DreamVast Executive Search and have specialised in the placement of C level executives into Private Equity, Privately Held or innovative ASX companies since that time.

To this day, I am incredibly curious about people, who they are, what drives them, what they care about and why. I prefer not to represent anyone I have not met face-to-face.

My interviews are usually extended and often I hear, “I can’t believe I told you that” or “I wasn’t expecting this sort of conversation but thank you.”

I am also passionate about business and commercial success. I have been known to back my clients by becoming an equity holder in their business. Skin in the game makes for deep shared focus on the goal at hand.I believe in people and take great pride in the small part I play in my client and candidate’s successes.

I have been happily married for over 30 years and am Step-Mother to three terrific people and YaYa to four exceptional granddaughters.

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