Deanne Tindale is the best Business Transformation and Turnaround Executive Search agent in Australasia and has been since 1998.  No one has specialized in this space longer and as a result, DreamVast have the widest and deepest connection to this market than any other provider in our region.

As a result of our long-term relationships with client Senior Executives and candidates alike, we have become the provider of choice for C level executive searches globally, across industry, markets and lines of business.

Some of our most notable and enjoyable successes include:

  • Providing Elite Executive Representation for a high profile CEO to target appropriate capital partners for a major business opportunity.  In this instance we worked with our Elite Executive Client to determine his personal, business and financial interests and aligned them with suitable Private Equity partners.   We provide ongoing Executive Coaching to the new Executive Management Team.

  • Providing global Executive Search for all divisions of Asciano (including Corporate, Patrick, Intermodal and Pacific National) for Director and General Managers of Operations, Strategy, Safety and Public and Government Relations.  Executive Searches were conducted both nationally and internationally to ensure the very best talent was brought into Asciano.

  • Providing turnkey recruitment, in India, of 26 Senior Executives, Subject Matter Experts and Business Transformation practitioners for an AXA – Bharti Joint Venture startup in 2005.  In order to achieve this we provided a complete recruitment solution including up to 3 interviews each of 212 individual candidates in 6 weeks across Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. 

  • Providing end-to-end recruitment of Bartter’s award-winning Business Transformation team from the Chief Operating Officer through Program Management to specialist BT practitioners in every state of Australia over a period of 4 years.  Our close working relationship with the CEO and COO was instrumental to the success of this program.

We prefer to work with selected clients, providing bespoke recruitment advice, support and interventions.  We provide long-term commitment and value to our partners.

To find out if we are a fit for you, please contact Deanne Tindale on :
Aus: 0413 448 822.
Int'l: +61 413 448 822